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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Arcanoae

What is Arcanoae 5.0?

Is it better than Windows?

Is it better than Linux?

Is it free?

Why would anyone want it?

Who would want it?

Who wouldn't want it?

Why use Arcanoae 5.x instead of Linux?

Why use Arcanoae 5.x instead of Windows?

So what makes it better that good ol'e OS/2?

What is Arcanoae?

Arcanoae is the enhancement of IBM's OS/2 series of operating systems (OS/2, Warp,WSEB etc). Realizing the potential of OS/2 a group called Serenity Systems (Mensys) in Europe took over the advance development of OS/2 after IBM decided to stop developing the operating system. eCS's version of was advanced but quite problamatic and lacked further development So a fellow named Lewis Rosenthal took up the task of continuing development of OS/2. Because IBM insisted on retaining the source code for OS/2 it was necessary to come up with a new name for this "Re-Engineered" operating system. Hence the name ArcaOS 5.0. Now this new group, with IBM's blessing, has taken over the long overdue project of overhauling eCS, and have produced a new and awesomw version of IBM's OS/2 Operating system.

Is it better than Windows?

NO!, Not if you enjoy Virus's, System Crash's, Security Breaches, System Bugs and paying dearly for the O.S. and supporting software you need. ArcaOS 5.0 does not excel over any of Windows problamatic milestones.

Is it better than Linux?

NO! In some ways YES, Linux has developed into one of the primier operting systems available today. The problem with Linux is, you have to decide betwen 23 (more or less) different (and many times incompatable) flavors, then deal with continual updates & security fixes, and be knowledgable about kernels and which one you might need for you're particular use. And it still lacks the reputation of being "user friendly"!

Is it Free?

No it isn't! And here's the reason why! IBM still has to get their "Piece of the action!" even though they have stopped all production & development on the operating system. Because of this ArcaOS 5.0 sells for around $120.00. Its a bargan considering the capabilities & stability of the operating system and the vast amount of "open source" software available to users of this O.S.

Why would anyone want it?

Several reasons! No virus's or malware, OS/2 dependability & reliability, user friendly, reasonable price, excellent networking options, just to name a few.

Who would want it?

Tradicional OS/2 users and corporations wanting to upgrade their operating systems. Disgruntled Windows users & corporations, Corporations looking for a solid, reliable networking O.S. with multiple serving options.

Who wouldn't want it?

Windows users not careing to spend the time to learn a new operating system. Accomplished & advanced Linux users. Users that have no need for networking.

Why use ArcaOS instead of Linux?

Depends on the user or corporation! Linux is a suberb, complete & complex operating system both to set up and to use. With ArcaOS most of Linux's outstanding software (Samba, Cups, Open Office and much more) have been "Ported" to ArcaOS offering the same flexibility as Linux but on a much less complex operating system to install & maintain.

Why use ArcaOS instead of Windows?

If you sincerly need an answer to this question, you are definatly better off sticking with Windows.

So what makes it better than good ol'e OS/2?

Gobs of enhancements. vastly extended support for Wifi, USB, much better Networking options (Server & Client) Apache, Samba, and more. Linux ports:Open Office, Virtual Box, Ghostscript, rsync, MySQL, Apache, PHP5, Perl, Python, Open LDAP, Bind, Cups, Samba Server & Client, JFS, LVM and much much more.


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