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Flat Panel LCD Repair

Flat Panel LCD Monitors have taken over the market for display devices for computers, they are reasonable in price now and take up much les space and are available in larger pantella sizes almost daily. Unfortunatly there are some drawbacks reguarding component quality as well as design specifications. One of the most common problems is with the power supplies, they overheat (due to insufficient ventilation) and the components used in the power supplies are in many cases inferior in quality. This is especially true of monitors manufactured in China. They do manage to make it through the waranty period but then soon fail in several different ways, I/E Dim Display, Intermittant Display and no display at all, leaving the user with the prospect of having to buy another monitor. Some (not all!) of these failing Display adapters can be repaired reasonably -- 200 to 300 MN Pesos and returned to use for another extended period of time. If you are having this problem, we can possibly help. Feel free to contact us (Via E-Mail or telephone) with the details reguarding you're monitor and we will try to help.


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