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ArcaOS 5.0.5 has been Released!

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Some Tips and Ideas that might prove helpful using ArcaOS 5.0

A Better Sound solution for AMD installs.

The UNIAUD sound drives have very low sound output on AMD install. To get decent volume levels for MP3 you need to install PM123. For really decent sound levels its been suggested to install a CMPCI sound card and drivers. Then add PMUniMix-bin-0__80 and you will have good sound and sound control for SMPlayer & VLC.

Ideal Hardware setup for running SuSE 13.2 & Windows 7 in VirtualBox for OS/2

I'm running ArcaOS with an AMD FX8350 (5 GHz, 8 core) processor,8gb memory, Samsung SSD 850 EVO and a ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 Motherboard. Under this setup VBOX 5.0.6 r-155 runs both guest applications plesantly fast. Samba works fine for moving files Guests to Host or other clients in the workgroup. Sound still doesn't work in VBox 5.0.6 but it's a project I'm working on. No more re-booting to get to either Windows or Linux.

A Really Great FTP piece of software fot OS/2.

jftp-5.0.1-bin.zip is a OS/2 version of Linux's gftp software. Makes FTPing a breeze in ArcaOS. I'll put it in "Downloads" when I've got some time in the near future.


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